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About Trailerman Trailers

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At Trailerman Trailers | We strive to be the most Reliable and Trustworthy Trailer repair and manufacturing facility in Abbotsford, Canada.

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About Trailerman Trailers

#1 Trailer Shop Fraser Valley

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At Trailerman Trailers | We strive to be the most Reliable and Trustworthy Trailer repair and manufacturing facility in western Canada.
About Trailerman Trailers - Trailerman Trailer

Our Story

Trailerman Trailers was started in Abbotsford, BC as a manufacturing facility. Mainly serving Bill’s Trailer Sales and selling directly to the public. In 2006 Trailerman was purchased and has been run as a family-owned and operated business ever since. 2017 was a big year for us as we acquired all assets for the locally owned Hitchman Trailers. Our business model has shifted over the years. Previously we were only a manufacturing facility. We have branched out and now focus largely on repairs, maintenance and offer BC’s largest selection of over-the-counter trailer parts and accessories, dealing with retail and wholesale accounts. Please know our manufacturing is still going strong. We currently produce 300 plus trailers per year.

Manufacturing- Tiny House and Utility Trailers in Steel and Aluminum.

We are known throughout western Canada for building the strongest and most robust tiny house trailer on the market. We sell to second stage manufacturers(Tiny Home Builders) and Tiny House Trailer Dealers. We offer a wide range of steel and aluminum utility-style trailers. We have dealers in BC and Alberta and sell some models direct to the public.

Repairs- As the industry has changed over the years the need for a repair facility that can diagnose problems and repair properly, supply and install upgrades, and do transport Canada certified structural repairs has grown. We have filled this position by employing licensed professionals with years of experience. Working with replacement parts manufacturers to participate in product testing ensures the solutions we offer will be the best on the market. Stocking a broad range and large quantities of products, we have personally tested and can stand behind, allows us to offer the best parts for the best price.

Parts and Accessories- With so many people doing “do it yourself repairs” and having little to no experience we are able to listen to our customers needs and make recommendations to the parts that are needed or could help solve problems they are experiencing. We make every effort to not just “sell” parts but to ensure the customer is getting what they need. Our years of experience in the industry are there for the customer to tap into when buying parts. We stock a wide range of domestic and premium import parts to fit every price point and need

Our Goal

Simply put- Be the Best!

We strive to be the most Reliable and Trustworthy Trailer repair and manufacturing facility in western Canada. Providing unmatched customer service from the most skilled, personable, hardest working team our customers have experienced.

How will we do it?

  • Provide world-class customer service.
  • Build the best product. No compromises.
  • Repair to higher standards than when it was built.
  • Always look to improve.
  • Sell only the best products. Products that we would use on our own trailers.
  • Be honest and operate with integrity.
  • Employ the best people for the job and create an environment where they can excel.
  • Work with our customers to ensure we are educating, repairing to prevent future problems and providing clear and concise information to ensure the highest possible customer retention in the industry.
  • If there is a problem- Fix it! We stand behind all our repairs and products.