Structural Repairs

Structural Repairs

Structural repairs must be done to the highest standards by trade-qualified technicians in order to insure everyone’s safety on the road. A repair that is not done properly is not only dangerous, but if seen by a Commercial Vehicle Inspector, either in an inspection facility or at a roadside stop the vehicle may be deemed not fit for the road.

Some things to understand when deciding the type of repair that is needed: The structure of your trailer is created from tubing, channel, I beam and formed material. All these materials share the same characteristics as a pop can. When a pop can is undamaged, the shape of that can give it an incredible amount of vertical strength. Now use your thumb to push in, or kink, the side of the can. All vertical strength is gone, and the can will crush much easier.

Knowing when a bend, kink or buckle has affected the strength of your material is important to determine what type of repair is needed. Straightening something may not create enough structure for it to be safe and strong for the foreseeable future.

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Typically there are 2 methods for creating Structure:

1. Straightening

Straightening a trailer frame can be done several different ways. Our technicians at Trailerman are well versed in using top of the line equipment to straighten bent frames, suspension hanger, door frames, roof bow wall studs and just about anything else someone can bend or break on a trailer. Using hydraulics, leverage, clamps and heat we have been able to successfully straighten hundreds of trailer components over the years.

It is important to know when straightening something is not the right way to repair a problem. This leads us to our next style of repair.

Type 2. Cutting Welding and Replacing

Cutting, welding and replacing damage to a trailer is necessary when the damage has weakened the integrity of the tubing, channel, I beam or formed material that creates the structure that is in question. No amount of straightening can bring back strength once the material has buckled or kinked. At this point something needs to be added to reinforce the weak area. Sometimes this is as simple as plating and sometimes it is more cost-effective to remove the damaged section and replace it.

Often the right repair is using a combination of both methods listed above. Knowing the best repair for your situation is what we specialize in. This saves you time and money.

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