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Trailer Suspension Repairs | All suspension systems are available in single and multiple axle configurations. Contact +1 (604) 853-5262 to book your Suspension Repair Appointment.
Trailer Suspension Repairs - Trailerman Trailer

Suspension Repairs

The suspension systems incorporated into most trailers are designed to provide the trailer owner with three basic functions:

1.) Attach the axle to the trailer
2.) Dampen the effects of road shock
3.) Cushion the cargo or load.

All suspension systems are available in single and multiple axle configurations. The three types most commonly available are double eye leaf spring, slipper spring, and torsion axle.

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Double eye springs have eyes formed in each end of the spring with anti-friction bushings fitted for wear resistance.

Slipper springs have an eye formed in one end only with anti-friction bushings fitted for wear resistance. The other end is formed into a reverse curve and rides in a metal wear tab.

The Torsion suspension system is a torsion arm type suspension which is completely self contained within the axle tube. There are no leaf springs on this axle. It attaches directly to the trailer frame using brackets which are an integral part of the axle assembly.

Standard trailer suspension parts are none greaseable and rely solely on nylon, anti-friction bushings. There are no locations to grease and as a result these parts typically wear out faster.

Ask us about upgrading your current suspension system to something that lasts longer and provides a smoother ride quality.

Dexter offers a variety of optional heavy-duty attaching parts kits for double eye leaf spring suspensions up to 8,000 lb. axle capacity. The kits contain extra heavy shackle links, bronze bushings for the spring eyes, and suspension bolts and equalizers equipped with grease fittings to provide a convenient means to lubricate all the pivot points including the rubber E-Z Flex®  equalizer center bushings.

Inspection and Replacement

All the components of your suspension system should be visually inspected at least every 10,000km for signs of excess wear, elongation of bolt holes, worn and stretched shackle straps, flat or distorted leaf spring, and loosening of fasteners and cracks of suspension hangers and frame. Whenever loose or replaced, the fasteners in your suspension system should be re-torqued.

All wet bolts (greaseable) and equalizers should be greased every 4800km, if equipped.

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