Ball; 2in; 5k; 1in shank; w/ display

Hitch Ball;  2in x 1in shank;  5000# capacity

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Fits 2″ couplers and accepts up to 6,000 lbs. GTW
Constructed from high-strength, hot-forged steel
Protected by a durable chrome-plated finish
Zinc-plated hex nut and helical lock washer for secure mounting
Features fine threads for superior holding strength

2″ Ball
1″ Diameter Shank/ Thread size
2″ Shank/ Thread Length
External thread
Capacity 6000lbs

When installing hitch balls, torque all 3/4″ shank dia. balls to 160 ft. lbs., 1″ shank dia. balls to 250 ft. lbs., and 1-1/4″ shank dia. balls to 450 ft. lbs.
Use with: BM01-285, BM01-485, BM01-595, BM01-895 (hollow shank)