Bearing; Inner 3.5K

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  • Inner 3500lb
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This bearing fits standard 3500lbs axles with spindle # 84 (inner bearing) and 4400lbs axles (inner bearing)

Tappered roller bearing
Inner diameter: 1.378″

Use with:
Matching race (sold separately): L68110 or L68111
Matching Grease seal (sold seperatly): Single lip part # 58846 Double lip part # 10-19
Matching Grease cap (sold seperatly): Standard cap part # 46749 or Easy lube cap part # 21-41-1 and corresponding rubber plug part # 85-1
With 4400lbs axles use standard cap #45896 or easy lube cap # 21-42-1 and corresponding rubber plug part # 85-1

Inner bearing for spindle # 84 (standard 3500lbs axle)
Inner bearing for 4400lbs axles