Hinge; Pin/Nipple assy greasable; 1.2in pin; 4 3/4in long

Weld-on Barrel Hinge;  Round;  1/2in dia pin;  3/4in outside dia;  4.75in OAL; Greaseable

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These weld on hinges are used for custom building your own heavy duty door hinges, Hinges are welded to outer frames and to doors, allowing quick and easy door installs/ repairs. This greasable weld-on hinge has a grease zerk installed on one end and an outlet hole to allow lubrication of the hinge.


Pin Diametere:1/2”

Outside measurement of hinge: 3/4″ wide X 4-1/2″ Long

Greaseabe: Yes

Installation: Weld on