Jack; 2K; Dual Wheel; Swivel

Jack;  2K; Dual Wheel; Swivel

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This is a  swivel dual wheel Trailer Jack with a capacity of 1500 Pounds. Comes with bolt on mounting plate and hardware. It can be used with to a standard flange with snap ring base. Either bolt on or weld on. Zinc plated for corrosion resistance.  Side wind handle.


Capacity: 1500lbs

Handle Type: Side wind

Mounting style: Comes with Bolt on Plate and hardware.Can be used with weld on flange and snap ring, not included. Snap ring mount diameter 2.5″  and pin size of 1/2″

Bracket height: 13.5″” Retracted from bottom of wheel to center of snap ring plate and 23.5″ fully extended, from bottom of pad to center of snap ring plate

Lift: 10″

Clearance: 12.5″ from center of mounting bracket to top of jack

Wheel size: Dual 6″ x 2″ wheels

Wheel Material: Poly