Straight Axle Assembly

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Trailer Parts can manufacture complete axle replacements with all the components needed for the job.

All Axle Assemblies Include (Relative To Their Capacity) :

x1 Axle
x2 Hubs And Drums
x2 Backing Plates With GR8 FHN Nuts
x2 Inner Bearings
x2 Outer Bearings
x2 Seals
Wheel Nuts Open Ended provided
x2 Castle Nuts
x2 Axle Washer (Round Hole)
x2 Grease Caps (Shiny Silver)
x2 Cotter Pins

Our Commitment to Custom – “A dimension changed, a piece added or removed, alterations, you decide. Our products were all idealized, prototyped, tested, then refined over decades of manufacturing right in our own office. Designing & building our own products allows us to adapt & change our products to suite customer needs without exorbitant costs or delays. Whether we offer the product you’re after, or you have a custom idea you’d like brought to life, our team is prepared and waiting.”

Additional information

Straight Axle Assembly

2,000LB Single Axle (+103.00 C$), 2,000LB Single Axle with Idlers (+223.20 C$), 3,000LB Single Axle (+126.00 C$), 3,000LB Single Axle with Idlers (+246.82 C$), 3,500LB Single Axle (+150.00 C$), 3,500LB Single Axle with Braks (+522.76 C$), 5,000LB Single Axle (+185.00 C$), 5,000LB Single Axle with Brakes (+805.72 C$), 6,000LB Single Axle (+185.00 C$), 6,000LB Single Axle with Brakes (+859.63 C$), 7,000LB Single Axle (+185.00 C$), 7,000LB Single Axle with Brakes (+938.84 C$)