Jack; 2K; A-Frame Top Wind

Jack;  2000lb;  A-Frame;  Top Wind;  3 bolt mount


This is a Manual A-Frame Trailer Jack with a capacity of 2000 Pounds. It mounts to a standard A frame coupler with 3 bolt mounting, bolts not included.Painted black for corrosion resistance. Top wind handle.


Capacity: 2000lbs

Handle Type: Top wind

Mounting style: Bolt on recommended, can be used in some weld on

Bracket height: 8″ Retracted (all the way up position) and 22″ (fully extended)

Lift: 14″

Clearance: 11″ from mounting bracket to top of jack

Inner tubing diameter: 2″

Outer tubing: 2-1/4″

Foot Plate: Not included, hole pre drilled for easy install.

Use with: TJ-06-03